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The cross-cultural dialogue between European & Chinese art and critical theory in the 20th century


Symposium on"Cross-civilization Dialogue:Sino-European Art Relations in the 20th Century"

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研讨会共分三大板块,分别为“影响与变异:20世纪中外艺术与批评的话语关系“、主题与形象:跨文明视阈中的20世纪东西方艺术”,以及“现象与话语:从国别艺术到总体艺术研究”。英国三美画廊负责人爱丽丝女士、艺术总监Leviathen Hendricks先生、剑桥大学建筑与空间设计硕士、梵高艺术驻留中心主任阿莉克思Alicks女士等来自英国、法国和中国各高等院校与艺术机构的近40余位代表参加了本次研讨会。

研讨会由四川大学艺术研究院当代艺术研究所(CAI, SCU)、法国AECESE(法国中欧文化艺术教育交流协会, Paris)、四川省哲学社会科学重点研究基地西南交大“现代设计与文化研究中心”(CDMDCS,SWJTU)和英国San Mei Gallery共同主办。

The symposium is divided into three sections: "influence and variation: the discourse relationship between Chinese and western art and criticism in the 20th century", "subject and image: eastern and western art in the 20th century from the perspective of civilization", and "phenomenon and discourse: from national art to overall art research".More than 40 representatives from universities and art institutions in the UK, France and China, including Ms. Alice, director of the SanMei gallery, Mr. Leviathen Hendricks, master of architecture and space design of Cambridge university, and Ms. Alexis Alicks, director of van gogh's art residency center, attended the seminar.

The symposium was co-hosted by the institute of contemporary art of the art research institute of sichuan university(CAI, SCU) , France's AECESE (sino-european cultural and arts education exchange association, Paris), the center for modern design and culture studies of SWJTU(CDMDCS,SWJTU), a key research base for philosophy and social sciences in sichuan province, and the British San Mei Gallery.

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