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一群英国和中国青年艺术家们在中国成都完成创作,并成功举办“遇见你CRISS CROSS"展览。


参加本次展览的有英国艺术家Alicia Fidler 、Eleanor Wang 、Milan Tarascas 、Amelia Wang、Jayem Won,中国艺术家上官凯莉、吕小帅、 张原。



An"CRISS CROSS" exhibition of works made in Chengdu ,China by a group of young artists working in the UK and China.

This exhibition marks the start of a cultural exchange between artists and artist-run spaces in London and Chengdu.

British artists: Alicia Fidler, Eleanor Wang, Milan Tarascas, Amelia Wang and Jayem Won.

Chinese artists: Kylie Shangguan, Lv Xiaoshuai and Zhang Yuan.

In this exhibition, there are costumes, behaviors, music, sculptures, oil paintings, Chinese paintings, cartoons, voices and performances. In this summer vacation, a group of people who love art open up their creative thinking and explore more possibilities of art and design.

Thank you to those taking part from Sanmei Gallery,London,Hengtang Art Space and Aspiring Van Gogh,Chengdu.

Artists & Artwork:

Keep up - Alicia Fidler (Performance with elastic and plaster)       跟上 (行为, 雕塑)
 Morning Meeting - Jayem Won (Painting)      早会 (丙烯画)
 Criss Cross-Eleanor Wang,Milan Tarascas(cotton, felt)   遇见你 ( 棉、毡)
OFO- Milan Tarascas (Performance, sculpture and sound)      OFO (行为, 雕塑, 声音,古琴声音谢谢赵弥)
Music Stand - Eleanor Wang (Performance and Sculpture)      谱架 (行为,雕塑 纸, 超轻粘土)
The Shower - Amelia Wang , Jayem Won and Hannah Lim (plastic garment, sculpture, performance)     淋浴 (衣装, 雕塑,行为)
《界》  - 上官凯莉(绢本扇面)          Territories (Chinese watercolour on fan)
《山有木兮木有枝》 -吕小帅(雕塑 树枝,竹)         Mountains have trees and sticks (Wood and bamboo)
《北国木匠》  - 张原 (钢笔)         Northern Carpenter (Ink on paper)
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